Friday, August 31, 2012

Guy Day Friday!

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Hi everyone we made it through another week! For Guy Day Friday I found a great article from The that will give you guys some inspiration for popping the question. Your girlfriends dream about how you will give them "The Ring" so it is important that you put some thought in to it and make it a special moment! So guys for the link click here and really give it some thought and it will definitely make your girlfriends super happy! Below I have added some pictures of some great proposals that guys have come up with that were worth sharing! Have a great Labor Day weekend! Check in next week for Guy Day Friday!

Always a cute idea to propose at a sporting event or public place! 

Fortune cookie! I had never seen or heard of this one before!

So Cute! Scrabble is a always sweet!

For your girlfriends with a sweet tooth! 

Photo booth! I love this idea! 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shoes shoes shoes!

Pin It Now! Hey Everybody!! Shoes have been a hot topic lately! Has everyone noticed lately that brides are stepping out of their heels and throwing on their sneakers or boots? It is a cute idea and really shows the personality of the couple. I found a couple of examples that I thought came out cute and were a great idea! Let me know what you think!

Converses for the rockin couple!

I think the boots take the country chic theme to a whole other level! Love it!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creativity with Favors!

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Mints with a personalize label 
Favors are a fun way to say thank you to all your guests for joining you on your wedding day! A lot of couples have a hard time choosing what they want to give to their guests and it does take a lot of thought to choose just the right way for each couple to say thank you.
Many couples give a CD of different songs that represent the relationship of the bride and groom. Other couples go as simple as giving a candle or a chocolate bar with a custom label. The possibilities of favors are endless. I have posted a few different examples of favors I have found to show couples that there is a variety of favors to choose from and remember, do not be afraid to be creative! Creativity is important! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! 
Pies are great to send home as a thank you for coming!

Soda with a personalize label! 

Really cute smore kit! Perfect for an outside wedding!

Pretty ornaments perfect for the Winter Wonderland themed weddings!
Packet of seeds of the couples choice! Guests will always remember the wedding when they look at the plant! 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pumpkins or No Pumpkins?

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The summer is almost over and the fall is right around the corner. Many people feel like they get stuck with a certain color scheme and a pumpkin theme when having a fall wedding, but that is NOT TRUE! There is definitely a popular scheme that is common for the fall but you can still go in any direction you would like for your wedding... After all it is YOUR wedding day, so if you want pumpkins you can but it is possible to have a fall wedding without pumpkins! 

We are definitely going to see a more modern twist of the fall colors. There will be a lot of lighter orange used in place of the traditional burnt orange used, and you will see this complimented by brown and some mint green. Copper and burgundy are also going to be a popular combo this fall!

Has everyone heard of the term ombre? Your going to be seeing it just about everywhere soon. Ombre by definition is when different colors shade into each other, and brides love it! Below I have posted some examples of it. I hope you found this information helpful and remember feel free to ask any questions you have on our Facebook or Twitter and I will answer them as soon as I can! 
Ombre wedding cake!

Pretty colors for a fall bouquet! Love the berries!
Ombre Tablescape!

Ombre rose Bouquet!

Ombre bouquets for bridesmaids! So Pretty!

Ombre bridesmaids dresses! It looks even better when they are in shade order

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alternatives to Traditions

Pin It Now! As event specialists we get a lot of questions... A whole lot of questions, and we sure do love to help clients and friends find solutions to them. One question that I wanted to address that I received recently was "Does my ring bearer need to use a pillow for the rings like traditionally done in the past?"

My answer to these questions normally starts with "There are always alternatives to traditions..." and this is especially true with the ring bearer and flower girl. You really have the freedom to be as creative as you want with the little ones in your bridal party. I have done some searching and found some great ideas that couples have used recently that show how creative you can be to make your wedding a reflection of you and your fiancĂ©’s  personalities. Feel free to contact me with your questions on our Facebook or Twitter and I will be sure to answer them as soon as I can! Hope everyone had a great Monday and start to a wonderful week!

Cute sign that the ring bearer can carry down the aisle. How adorable is that flower girl dress? Love it!

Instead of flower petals, the flower girl(s) can toss these heart shaped 

Such a cute sign for the ring bearer to carry! 

Tie on the wedding bands to this customized silver ring and it is a wonderful alternative to the traditional pillows used. 

Unique alternative to a pillow and it will be a nice keepsake for after the wedding as well!

What a cute sign! That is definitely one way to get a laugh out of your guests and groom!

Teddy bear that has a secret pouch on the back for rings! I love this idea and it would be great for the younger aged ring bearers because you know they will never lose a new teddy bear!

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