Friday, August 24, 2012

Guy Day Friday

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Happy Friday everyone, it's officially the weekend! I have decided that from now on our Friday blog posts are going to be themed Guy Day Friday. In honor of the first Guy Day Friday I wanted to highlight a home video proposal that went viral recently. Maybe you have already seen it but it is so adorable I have watched it several times!

The creative mastermind of wedding proposals is named Isaac Lamb, and he did a wonderful job of putting together this memorable moment that I am sure his bride-to-be and all the friends and family that performed in the video will remember forever. I hope you find it as adorable as we do here at NEBD! We hope you have a fun and eventful weekend! 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's ALL in the Details!

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Everyone wants their events to be memorable. It may be how beautiful the bride looked in her dress or the father/daughter dance, something that makes that couple's day a  hit. I believe that everyone's day can be unique and memorable, but "It's ALL in the Details!"

The little things that the brides and grooms do and say have the ability to leave a lasting impression on their family and friends that join them in the celebration of their wedding day. Couples have become extremely creative with the small details they want included in their day. It could be a special handkerchief for their parents (as seen below) or even a surprise message to the groom before he sees his bride come down the aisle. I have found a few different pictures posted below that we thought were great examples of those little details we're talking about. Everything is possible here at Nashville Events By Design"NEBD".
Take the "Southern Chic" theme to a new level with vintage benches/pews.
Perfect gift to Dads from their little girls!
Such a great idea for the flower girl and ring bearer!
Such a great trend you're starting to see! Tweeting at weddings is a great way to engage guests.

Secret message for the groom from the bridesmaids before his bride comes down the aisle!
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